Talented. Red-haired. Moody. Constantly engaged in the "You should try out for American Idol!" conversation. A girl who helps people party every weekend for a living and writes music that can only be described by a well-thought out combination of adverbs and synonyms for "good". Meet Ashley. Dallas' own pop star who refuses to be famous.

Ashley began performing at the tender age of 3. And by performing, we mean blabbering and bouncing around like every 3 year old does. So maybe that doesn't count. However, she did start legitimately performing at the age of 9 when she began singing at the Wylie Opry and Johnnie High's Country Music Revue (yes, she used to sing country). It was eventually determined that Ashley was in fact one of those prodigious young children gifted in the area of vocal performance, so she was swiftly sent to study at the world-renowned Septien Entertainment Group. For those who are unfamiliar, this is where artists go to get their pop star merit badges (Jessica Simpson, Destiny's Child, Nick Lachey) At 16, her vocals were on par with every female artist on the charts, and her quirky, eclectic taste and song-writing helped her define her dream: to be the most successful non-pop star in the world.

Ashley is the perfect mix of original artist and entertainer. One week you might catch her creating a "cultured" atmosphere in a trendy bar with her acoustic and electronic mix of Top 40 covers. The next week, you'll see her at one of Dallas' hottest clubs with her band Identity Theft working the crowd into a dancing frenzy. And then you might find her at a low-key, hipster coffee shop, playing her original songs for her friends and her fans.

Ashley is available to provide acoustic entertainment for your bar, club, wine bistro, cafe, patio, back porch, hotel lounge, marina, side stage or main stage. She will provide a high quality, compact sound system, a lowly servant to provide musical accompaniment, and up to 4 hours of music, including DJing break music.

To discuss pricing and availability, either:
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Call Jared at (972) 979-8750

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